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Maybe it’s because my two year old has recently discovered Frozen, but the theme song at our house is most definitely “Let It Go.” As a busy working mom of two toddlers, we have to let a whole lot go to maintain our sanity and enjoy this season of littles.

If your babe wakes up 15 times a night to nurse or keeps you up partying all night, let go of the feeling that you will never sleep again. You will sleep again, but right now your arms and your milk are the perfect comfort for that sweet little one. Your baby can feel your heart beating as you rock her, and the time you are needed this way is so very short. Grab another cup of coffee, whether hot or cold, and let it go.

If your babe scowls at every new person that smiles at them and cries when you set him down to play with new friends, let go of the feeling that you will never be alone again. Your little one will gain confidence as they learn more about navigating this world and will eventually choose people other than you. You are their number one for only a short while, so give them another snuggle and show them how wonderful the world is. Comfort their cries, tickle them to crack a smile, and let it go.

If your terrific two year old will not stop crying and throws a fit because you served the banana the wrong way, let go of the feeling that you are raising a drama queen and that this year will be the longest. Your little one is feeling every emotion, all the time and in the most extreme way. You are doing your best to learn who this new little person is becoming and how they are feeling about this world. Let them vacuum outside, cut up another apple in a different shape, let them wear two different shoes. This season is full of laughter and independence, so let them slip to the floor like a limp noodle and let it go.

If you forgot you were on snack duty at pre-school or the permission slip you asked for 6 copies of was due today, let go of the feeling you will never measure up. Your mind is being pulled a million different directions and your focus is on the most important things. Your family is fed, rested, and (mostly) clean all while you are killing it at work. Run and grab some donut holes and a 7th copy of the permission slip from the office, and let it go.

If your babe only wants to eat string cheese and ketchup for every meal, let go of the feeling that you are making your kids unhealthy for life. Like most things in this season, their obsession with ketchup will fade and some of their picky habits will disappear eventually. Just keep making the attempt with nutritious foods when you can, and do not fret if every meal they eat consists of buttery noodles. Keep introducing them to the variety of foods in this world, and it will eventually fall into place somehow. Grab a fork to enjoy those buttery noodles too, and let it go.

If the only thing keeping the peace in your house at the moment is Baby Shark on repeat, let go of the idea that you are hurting your child’s development by turning them into screen time zombies. In these moments you forget the books you read, the crafts, the puzzles, and the chalk because of your guilt. But your little one does not forgot those things, and this moment of cartoons does not erase all of the other beautiful adventures. Turn on the show, sing the song along with them, and let it go.

If you sent your child to school in jeans from last year that come up past their ankles and an old coat because they lost their new one for the thousandth time, let go of the feeling that you are being judged. Kids do not care what they are wearing as much as the joy you bring to their life. Snag some new to you clothes from a friend or do a little online shopping when you have a minute and let go of the feeling you

are running behind. They are clothed and ready to learn for the day even if those clothes are not ideal. Send your kid to the Lost and Found again, and let it go.

If you showed up to work without brushing your hair and snot on your blazer, let go of the feeling that you are a lesser quality employee after having kids. Having kids has strengthened you as a person and made you even more productive and respected than before. You are admired by your peers for your contributions for the team, and you deserve to be there just like anyone else. Grab a paper towel and throw in a “messy” workday updo before your next meeting, and let it go.

If the idea of going to get your nails done or taking a long solo shower leaves you laden with guilt, let go of the idea that doing something for yourself is selfish. You cannot brew from an empty pot, and your family deserves that strong cup of java just like you. Take the bath, drink the wine with a friend, meander through Target, or read that book you bought 6 years ago. You are not selfish, and the work you put into your babes every day means they will soar even without you there every minute. Drink a glass of the rose’ for me, and let it go.

If you are consumed by motherhood and feel the old parts of you slipping away, let go of the idea that the you before kids is gone forever. Before you were mom, you were a wonderful you and that you is still there. She may look different and want different things, but you are still you and those parts will continue to crack through the surface more and more. These years go by quickly, and you will miss them once they are gone. Dive into the pool of motherhood, because it’s shorter than we think, and let it go.

Katelyn is a former special education teacher turned corporate climber, and sentimental mama bear to two little ones. She is a believer that you can lean into your profession and lean into motherhood at the same time without compromising. She is a believer of strong coffee, deep breaths, and finding joy daily. She hopes you find these words give you a few more precious minutes back in your day or speak to your mama heart in the way you need. You find her on her website, Freshly Brewed Mama as well as on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.