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The Holidays bring decorations, a change in weather, and cookies galore. This year I am traveling a lot, but my daughter and her cousins asked to make cookies. Thankfully, my sleep-deprived state brought about this “lazy” approach to cookie decorating since I did not want to mix dough to roll out and cut and our local Walmart did not have break and bake cookies. All of the children thought it was a hilarious idea and absolutely loved it!

What you will need:

  • Various packed cookies. We chose Chips Ahoy!, Oreos, and Pralines.
  • One or more tubs of ready made frosting
  • Various Christmas Sprinkles
  • Plates, butter knives, bowls (optional)

Now you just open everything up and let their imagination soar! These three had a blast making designs with the sprinkles, eating the cookies as soon as they were decorated, and licking their utensils!

I think this may just be a new Christmas tradition for our family!



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