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Until the end of June, it had been almost nine and a half years since I have given birth. A lot has changed in nearly a decade in regards to postpartum care. There was also a lot I learned this go-round versus when my daughter was born. Whether you’re a first, second, or even fifth time mama, I wanted to share my five favorite postpartum items that I don’t think I could have survived without.

Tucks Pads

These are marketed as hemorrhoid relief, but let me tell you, they do so much more than that! I had a vaginal deliveries and both times these made it to the top of my list. With my daughter, I had a small tear that needed repair, but I made it through the birth of my son unscathed.  Soaked in witch hazel, the cooling effect helped me get through the first few days of using the bathroom. I found it extremely soothing to use my standard issue peri-bottle with warm water, then follow behind with the quick blot of a Tucks Pad. Witch hazel reduces inflammation and skin irritation as well as protects against infection. Some hospitals provide these, but I would throw a jar in your hospital bag, just in case.



This one is definitely provided by the hospital (at least it was at the two different hospitals I was admitted to). Formulated to relieve pain and itching associated with scrapes and burns, Derm0plast is a lifesaver as a postpartum numbing spray. Urinating after baby, whether you’ve had a repair or not, is extremely painful. A quick blast of this spray after your peri-bottle and Tucks Pads, and you’ll be good to go.



Honey Pot Postpartum Pads


A ton of mamas in the Facebook pregnancy group I was a member of with my son said they were going to wear adult diapers in the days following birth. While these are great for many, I just could not see myself changing the diapers on two people (myself and my son). When I saw these Honey Pot Postpartum pads were infused with cooling mint, soothing aloe, and calming lavender, I figured I would give them a try. I absolutely was NOT disappointed! I will recommend this brand to anyone. I also really love the fact that the clean cotton material didn’t stick to my lady bits at all. They’re quite a bite pricier than a more commonly known brand, but worth every single penny, in my opinion!



AVENT Nursing Pads

Breastfeeding or not, as soon as your milk comes in, your boobs will leak. I’m not talking about a few drops, either. The flood gates will open! I highly recommend grabbing a box of these AVENT nursing pads to avoid leaking through your bra and shirt. Thinking about just wearing a lined bra? Forget about it! I fell asleep in my tee shirt bra from Victoria’s Secret (highly recommend while pregnant because there are no wires & they’re extremely comfortable) and woke up drenched in boob milk! This thing is pretty decently padded, too. These nursing pads are super discrete and you can easily carry them in your back pocket, purse, or diaper bag so they’re readily available when disaster strikes — and it will!

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

This one is geared more towards the ladies who have decided to breastfeed (no judgement to those that opted not to — I didn’t with my first, but opted to this time around because of the formula shortage). This Haakaa manual breast pump is easy to use, once you figure it out. It’s definitely not discrete or anything you’d want to walk around wearing, but it worked amazing for helping me to clear a clog post-engorgement. I popped that sucker on and stood in a steaming hot shower massaging my breasts until my milk was flowing well enough that I wasn’t uncomfortable hooking my electric pump up to empty myself. I now use it when I power pump my slacker boob — I leave it attached to the over-supplier to catch any dribbles that may come, so as not to waste any of that liquid gold!



So, there you have it. The five items I absolutely could not live without these last few weeks. The Tucks Pads and Dermoplast are items that were given to me when I had my first daughter. I was so uneducated at that time that I didn’t even have a hospital bag packed! If you have anything you would add to this list, I would love to know!