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I think we can all agree that the last few years have been a complete disaster financially. From the COVID pandemic to the rising costs of everything imaginable, 2023 needs to be our year to get back on track. I am a huge visual learner, so I have always found that colorful worksheets help me achieve my goals. I usually scour the internet for hours trying to find the perfect ones, but this time around I decided to make my own. Feel free to print as many as you need!

Here’s what you’ll find in this small planning bundle:

Save $500 in 30 Days

If you think to yourself, “I want to throw $500 into my savings and/or emergency fund this month” it probably sounds pretty scary. Where are you going to come up with that extra money when things are already tight? When I was in therapy (you can read my story HERE) I learned that while it’s important to set goals for yourself, you need to baby step them down. It makes you more likely to achieve them and you can celebrate your successes along the way.

This worksheet is designed with 30 individual bubbles filled in with a variety of denominations that all add up to 500. Simply tuck away the amount shown in one bubble per day, and you’ll have reached your goal in no time! I love that there are options from $5 all the way up to $35 so I can work it according to what I am able to do financially that day.

I opted for the bubble layout because I am a big fan of colorful markers and seeing the picture come to life as I achieve what I’m set out to do.

“Bee” debt-free honeycomb

I really liked the idea of a honeycomb for this one. As you fill in your hexagons, you’ll be helping your future, just as the bees fill theirs with honey to prepare for the winter months.

At the top you will find a line to input the name of the debt you’re wanting to pay off (ie. Capital One). Write the amount you owe on the bottom and divide it by the 40 honeycombs shown on the sheet. As you work towards eliminating that debt, fill in the honeycombs according to how much progress you have made. For example, a $4,000 debt would leave each honeycomb worth $100.

Max Out Your IRA

This not only helps you come tax-time, but also helps you prepare for your future. The IRS has set the contribution limits for 2023 at $6,500, so each star listed on the sheet equates to $65. Every time you contribute $65 to your IRA, fill in your star.

Don’t have an IRA? There are a variety of companies out there that can get you started. Personally, my account is with Fidelity , but a quick google search will give you a list of others.

No Spend Challenge

One of my downfalls is definitely making tiny purchases here and there that really add up. This no spend challenge sheet is great because it gives you a goal to not spend frivolously for the month! Yes, that includes that amazingly delicious Starbucks drink you’re craving — why not use points for it instead!

I included 31 squares, but you can just go off of the number of days are in the current month to achieve.


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You can find all of the worksheets listed above for free download HERE.