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I received this product from Timberdoodle in exchange for an honest review. I have not been compensated in any other way.

If I would let my daughter doodle and draw all day long, she would take advantage of it in a heartbeat! She fell in love with it years ago when the first drawing book appeared in her Timberdoodle curriculum. She usually flies through them, which is why we were both extremely excited to receive Doodle Washington D.C. from Timberdoodle to review. It’s right up her alley!

The cover states, “Draw your way through the U.S. Capital” and that’s exactly what she’s doing! As an added bonus it’s travel size which made it perfect to take on our vacation to the Maldives this past week. It kept her occupied on the plane, which was a lifesaver for my husband and myself!

Our favorite parts of this book are the fact that it encourages her to use her imagination. The first few pages prompt the user to draw the different weather scenes above the Washington, D.C. skyline: sun & clouds, rain, a rainbow, and finally night time (she was REALLY excited to be able to use a white colored pencil for this one!).

Another page encourages finding the similarities between two half to draw the middle to connect them. While she hasn’t finished the book, I did notice that a page towards the end instructs the user to draw a flag using both hands! I think that one should be a ton of fun for her.

Doodle Washington D.C. is an amazing way to help your child use their imagination and think outside of the box while learning a little bit about our Nation’s Capital. It would be a great addition to a U.S. Government unit and while it is included in Timberdoodle’s First Grade Curriculum, it really is a great book for all ages.