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Here is an easy craft you can do with your little ones to celebrate the Valentine’s Holiday, or just give as a gift to a loved one for a special occasion. With just a little guidance, this adorable canvas will be complete in no-time at all!

What you need:


How To:

  1. With your paintbrush, use your brown paint to draw the trunk and branches of a tree. Set aside and let dry.
  2. Squeeze a small amount of red & pink (or whichever colors your child has chosen) paint onto a small dish.
  3. Using only your thumb, dip slightly into the paint and press onto tree branches in a “V” pattern to form a heart.
  4. Add as many heart leaves as you wish. Set aside and let dry.

It may be fun to add a few heart leaves on the bottom of the canvas as if they have fallen off the tree. Be as creative as you like.


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