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I’m sure I’m not alone when I say it is so hard to unplug. From electronics, from social media, from your laundry list of tasks that feel like they need to be completed right. this. moment. Sometimes it’s hard to stop and enjoy life when you’re surrounded by so much at once. The constant stimulation wreaks havoc on anxiety and often times, qualify of life in general.

Did you know that 84% of cell phone users say they haven’t gone a full day without their phone? (source)

Friday afternoon we forced ourselves to unplug and it was the best thing we have done in a long time.

We decided to float down the river with a gigantic floating flamingo and a smaller floating unicorn in tow. We threw our cooler onto an inflatable raft and just let Mother Nature take us wherever she decided we needed to go. The absolute best part: we were so far into nature we had absolutely NO cell phone service. This removed any temptation to peruse Facebook while trying to lose ourselves in the moment.


The trip itself was interesting. It started with the campground’s bus not wanting to start, so we waited in the heat for a good half an hour while they tried to figure it out. Once it was up and running, we were dropped off at our starting point and instructed where to look to be picked up. It was a rather steep walk down from the bridge to the riverbed with zero guidance as to what we were doing. Thankfully my husband seems to be a pro at all things nature-related so he quickly took the reins and off we went.

My flamingo had a mind of its own. It kept spinning me around no matter where I put my head and feet. I took a few trips into the riverbank and we all got a ton of laughs about it. Eventually, my husband tied me to our daughter and himself so I could at least stay with our party. Now, I could really relax. I kicked my feet up, opened my Gatorade and just stared at the trees and clouds as the water took us away.

My daughter tells me her favorite part about tubing was the tiny rapids we hit. She got an absolute kick out of them and it was nice to not be too distracted by life that I missed that joy on her face. My husband was laughing non-stop and we lost a few family members along the way, but that’s okay, they were just enjoying themselves as well!

I honestly cannot remember the last time I completely unplugged. I always seem to have my phone nearby or am working on my laptop trying to grow our business so I can bring my husband home full-time. It was really refreshing to clear my mind and focus on my surroundings. I didn’t worry about cleaning, cooking, returning phone calls. I lost myself in the moment with my family and we made some amazing memories.

┬áLife, at its best, is happening right in front of you. Don’t miss out.


If you’re interested in taking an afternoon off from life, I highly suggest finding the nearest business that offers tubing adventures. We’re nestled in the South Mountains of North Carolina and are surrounded by tubing opportunities. A quick Google search should allow you to find your nearest one.