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As most of you already know, my husband and I travel the country in our fifth wheel camper. One thing about this lifestyle that sticks out to me is the fact that grocery stores really do vary by region. When we lived in South Carolina, I kept hearing about a chain similar to Aldi called Lidl (Lee-Duhl), but was never really close enough to one to take a shopping trip there. Fast forward a year and a half and we’re now in the heart of the South Mountains of North Carolina and just 30 minutes from the campground we are staying is the one and only, Lidl. I was so excited to spot it as we were driving through town that I’m pretty sure my daughter thought something was wrong because I screamed with joy. I knew I had to check it out.

We have now been shopping there for the last three months, and I now never want to move to an area that does not have a Lidl within a short drive of wherever we may be parked.

Here are my top 10 favorite reasons for shopping at Lidl.

  1. Organic for less

    Lidl carries a decent sized assortment of organic food items. I love that I can pick up Cream of Mushroom soup for only $1.29 per can, or a container of hummus for $2.49, organic sour cream for $1.49, or a few cans of Organic tomato sauce for $0.89 each. These make for quick, budget friendly meals.

  2. Assemble the perfect charcuterie board!

    Their cheese assortment definitely rivals Aldi. One of my favorite things about Aldi is the fact that they carry a wide variety of gourmet meats and cheeses which allows me to create a charcuterie board on a budget for a date night at home with my husband.

  3. Try new lagers and wines without breaking your budget

    Lidl carries beer and wines from all over the globe. Okay, so maybe not quite worldwide, but they have a rather large selection of wines to choose from. I enjoy picking up a bottle of their Velada Pink Moscato to enjoy after the little one goes to bed.

  4. Decorate your home with fresh plants and flowers

    They always have an assortment of fresh flowers and plants as soon as you walk in the door. My daughter and I love having a bouquet of fresh flowers sitting on our dining room table, and Lidl allows us to do so without interrupting our grocery budget.

  5. Grab a cart, but keep your quarter!

    You do not need a quarter to use a shopping cart! I must admit, this is what I love most because I hardly ever carry any form of cash. A lot of times I’ve had to ask my daughter to dig through her purse so mama could borrow a quarter, other times we have just drove on past Aldi because I need more than I could carry. Bonus: they also have miniature shopping carts for the kiddos to use! My daughter loves being able to push her own cart and help out with the weekly shopping.

  6. Nutrition on a budget

    The prices at Lidl are simply amazing. I can easily feed my family of 3, including a construction worker and a homeschooled child, for less than $70 per week. These are nutritious, filling meals that allow us to skip the fast food line.

  7. Excellent dye-free alternatives

    Like Aldi, they shy away from carrying overly processed, chemical-laden foods. That means a majority of their products do not contain artificial ingredients such as artificial coloring (ie. red #40 and yellow #5) or artificial sweeteners (ie. aspartame). My kiddo loves the fact that she can peruse their candy aisle and there is a section she is allowed to choose from.

  8. Fresh Produce

    Their produce section may be small in size, but the diversity of their fruits and vegetables is great. We love their avocados, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, and tri-color carrots. You can also tell they are fresh and won’t expire within a few days of bringing them home.

  9. Baked goods are fresh out of the oven

    They actually have a bakery filled with donuts, fresh baked bread, and an assortment of pastries and rolls. Their pretzel rolls are a favorite for us, so we will pay for a few as soon as we walk in and snack on them while we shop.  As an added bonus, they also have a bread cutter, so you can cut your bread in-store rather than wrestling with it at home!

  10. Download the app for exclusive savings

    Download the Lidl app for exclusive savings. Simply scan your app at the checkout and all available coupons will be applied to your order – you don’t even need to add them, it’s just automatic!